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Vanderbilt “Find Your Impact”

Inspired by the double exposure visual style made popular by HBO’s True Detective title sequence, we produced a series for Vanderbilt University, showcasing several students, and their aspirations. The approach incorporates secondary motion within the student’s silhouettes. It requires a meticulous preparation to the framing, color science and motion in order to deliver the proper combination.

Client: Vanderbilt University

Executive Producer: David Perry, Brian Altman
Producer: Jennifer Bonior
Executive Creative Director: Traylor Woodall
Director: Daniel Petrino
Director of Photography: Micah Simms

Vanderbilt Gif
Vanderbilt Riley (:10)
Vanderbilt gif
Vanderbilt Fiona (:10)
Vanderbilt Gif
Vanderbilt Khari (:10)

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