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Bella is a full-service production and post-production studio. A global home for artists committed to pushing creative boundaries, we partner with agencies and brands to produce work that is bold and inspiring.


Built for Today

Motion and Photography.
Production and Post-Production.
Any platform. Any audience.

We are built to tackle the challenges agencies and brands are facing in a constantly evolving landscape.

We are solutions oriented, executing a forward thinking, transparent process.

We are problem solvers, dedicated to excellence every step of the way.

We are a global network of artists – enabling us to execute projects of any scale.

Our Story

Bella is the live action arm of Fivestone Studios, an integrated content studio. 

Founded in 2007 by Traylor Woodall in Nashville, Fivestone began as a dynamic animation studio. Over time, we expanded into immersive and experiential content, and then into live-action production and post-production. Over the years, we have attracted top industry talent and earned a reputation as a premiere industry leader.

In 2023, Bella was born to allow an even greater set of capabilities. We have built a roster of high-caliber directors, editors and producers, as well as a global network of freelancers fit for every job, to produce premium live action production and post-production content. With a reputation for delivering award winning campaigns, we continually seek to partner with brands and creative leaders who want to create beautiful and captivating work.

In partnership with Fivestone, Bella can leverage a wide range of assets and resources, allowing us to be a unique collaborative partner in the industry.

Our Team

Amanda Dillingham
Supervising Producer

Brian PortraitBrian Altman
COO / Partner

David PortraitDavid Perry
Executive Producer / Partner

Erin Portrait Erin O’Hara
Post Producer

Rockie PortraitRockie Britzmann
Associate Producer

Matt PortraitMatt Thomason
Head of Production

Traylor PortraitTraylor Woodall
CEO / Partner

Our Core Values

We treat people with integrity, and work hard to cultivate a positive, transparent culture.

We are driven to be the best in our craft, and hold the quality of our work to the highest standards.

We go above and beyond. We embrace a genuine spirit of collaboration, and support a team mindset over ego.

We boldly lean into telling stories that matter, and aren’t afraid to venture into the creative unknown.

We are led by a dreamer’s spirit, and are always pushing to leave a lasting impact.

Boldness is Beautiful.

We solve production challenges and deliver captivating work. We can’t wait to collaborate with you.