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Hancock “Gateway”

We partnered with visionary director, Grady Hall, to create a sophisticated visual style of practical onset transformation. To achieve this look, it required meticulous pre-visualization, on-set supervision, and precise execution. The post-production team then used VFX to augment and composite multiple shots together seamlessly. The campaign was for Hancock, a leading hospital system in Indiana, and captured the concept that healthcare can be “centered around you” in a creative way.

Agency: Well Done Marketing
Client: Hancock Health

Director: Grady Hall
Executive Producer: David Perry
Producer: Amanda Dillingham
Post Producer: Jennifer Bonior
Director of Photography: O’Connor Hartnett
Editor: Ken Conrad

Hancock Gif
Hancock Network :30
Hancock mayo gif
Hancock Mayo :30
Hancock gif
Hancock Behind the Scenes


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