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Joshua McGowan

Joshua is an award-winning filmmaker from Chicago whose distinct style was developed from a love for story. He specializes in emotionally driven, cinematic work, collaborating with clients such as Cadillac, Audi, Facebook, and J & J on nationally recognized campaigns.

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Cadillac Arrival
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Audi Pioneers
Tractor Supply Anthem
Birchbox Constance
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Pepsi Order Like A Local
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PPG Director's Cut

Joshua McGowan

Joshua’s unique blend of cinematic and emotional storytelling means his work shares a rare gift: the opportunity to see not only the beauty of the world but the beauty of the people in it. He is a storyteller at heart. His beginnings as an international documentarian helped him understand the importance of emotive human stories. And today, his focus on core emotions, eye for precision and ear for immersive sound design and music makes his narratives powerful.

Joshua is a 20x over award winning director and a rising young talent who has directed numerous successful commercial campaigns, including Cadillac’s Oscars Campaign starring Regina King, Silvercar by Audi’s Q7 Launch, BirchBox’s “Love Letters,” and ESPN’s Short Film “My Name is Scott,” each earning industry-wide recognition.

Joshua’s work inspires dynamic and emotional stories with iconic visual scope and a profound sense of humanity.

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Joshua McGowan

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