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Air National Guard “Forrest Griffin”

Ever wonder what would happen if UFC Legend Forrest Griffin worked with brave Airmen in the Air National Guard? Forrest shares valuable tips on how he prepares for a fight, trains his body and mind to overcome challenges, and taps into resilience. In their interaction, we show he too gains insight into the Airmen’s relentless dedication and unwavering commitment.

Agency: GSD&M
Client: USAF

Director: Anthony Pellino
Executive Producer: David Perry
Producer: Brian Bennhoff
Post Producer: Erin O’Hara
Director of Photography: Carson Nyquist
Editor: Ken Conrad

USAF Gif 2
Air National Guard Forrest Griffin 4:5 (:15)
USAF Gif 3
Air National Guard Forrest Griffin 9:16 (:15)

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